Hello world. This sounds like I was just born yesterday. Actually, it was a quite a bit longer than that. Though at times, I feel like an infant in this great big world.

My name, as you may have guessed, is Heidi Tassone. I’m a New Yorker who has the luxury of living in the beautiful sunny state of Florida with my husband, Joe and our dog Brutus001

003.  If you’re interested in where I live and what we do, feel free to visit my other blog, right there on your right. No, you’re other right. There you go. hit, www.mypalmcoastnow.wordpress. com. Yup, that’s it. Follow us as we discover some natural trails, fun parks, and preserves, houses, restaurants, and whatever else we encounter while riding our bikes, kayaking, walking, or driving around Palm Coast.

I may travel a little further from time to time, and explore Ormond and Daytona, south, Flagler Beach, and the Historical City of St. Augustine just a half an hour north. Palm Coast is the center point of these locations, and make living here all the more fun.

You are welcome to join us. Have a nice and safe time.

Hugs Heidi

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