A Writer’s Life as told by Ross Gellar #writing #amwriting #romance #fantasy #paranormal

I didn’t see the Joey one yet, but this was great. Big Friends fan.

Several months ago I did a post on A Writer’s Life as told by Joey Tribbiani. While I don’t really want to repeat the same post, my multiple requests I’ve been asked to do another. And this time I’ve decided to take on Ross Gellar.

Ross was a bit harder than Joey, but I still had a utter blast creating this post.


A Writer’s Life as told by Ross Gellar

When you are trying to find the perfect name for your characters . . .

when youre trying to name your characters

When someone asks you why your novel is taking so long and you don’t want to answer because you don’t want to admit your procrastination tendencies . . .


When your characters decide to take off with a mind of their own . . .


When you’re struggling with your outline . . .

when youre trying to force your outline to work

When you’re zipping through your outline like a BOSS!

when your zipping through your outline

When your beta reader…

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