Ten tips for better book covers

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

One of my jobs is managing correspondence for Kit Foster Design. After seeing many cover briefs from authors, I came up with an information packet we send out to streamline the design process and to avoid common pitfalls. Here are my suggestions for common issues to consider:

  1. Don’t try to tell your whole story with your cover. Cramming too many elements onto the cover makes the art busy and confuses more readers than it helps.
  1. Don’t try to tell the whole story with your back cover text.

Cover text isn’t usually more than a couple of hundred words. Have a look at the sales copy on the back of your favorite books in your genre. Writing sales copy is a different skill set than writing a novel. Invite reader interest and seduce them with a tease, not an info dump. Sales copy that is too long goes unread. Big blocks of text are…

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