5 Situations Where You Believe in the Existence Of A Writing Angel #writers #amwriting

waiting for this to happen again


Situations Where You Consider The Existence of a Writing Angel

  1. Mood Changer. This is when writing magically lifts your dark mood. You start to feel happy again as you fill the page with words. All your non-writing troubles are banished and your world feels like a brighter place. You are left wondering how that dramatic change happened.
  2. New Idea Gift. That special moment when you are sent a wonderful new idea. You have no clue where it came from. It gives you a powerful creative rush that changes your outlook on the day / week / month ahead and puts a huge grin on your face.
  3. Creative Rescue. You are struggling with a writing related problem; plot hole, character issue or structural fault. There seems to be no escape or way around it. Your writing world starts to feel dark and lonely. You start to wonder whether you have just wasted a year of your life. As if by magic the answer appears…

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