When You Meet Another Writer At A Dinner Party #Writers #Authors

No wonder two of my favorite things are Cheese and wine.


5 Writer Situations Where Cheese-4

Due to an elaborate dinner party seating plan, you find yourself positioned at the table between two strangers. Here is what could happen next:

  1. disturbance in your writer force will make you feel drawn to the stranger, sat to the right of you. There is something mysterious about them. They look relatively normal, but you will be getting some strange vibes from them. You have noted their use of big words  in conversations with others, their love of cheese based dishes and their whacky ideas on stuff. You recognise all these as classic writer traits. Deep inside you a small voice will ask “did the dinner party host do the unthinkable and invite two writers to one dinner party?” Surely not?
  2. Just as you shove a hefty slice of cheese into your mouth (during your favourite course – the cheese board), the person to your right will admit to the…

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