When A Short Story Demands To Be Turned Into Something Bigger #writers #writing

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When a Short Story Demands To Be Turned Into Something Bigger-2

You write a short story, edit it, revise it and share it. After doing all this you put it aside, as in your head it is time to move onto something else. Your short story, however, has other ideas!

There are 5 stages to your short story demanding to be turned into something bigger:

  1. Bliss. You are enjoying, what we in the trade call,short story bliss. Short story / writer relationships are very different to novel / writer relationships. With a short story there is no creative fatigue, you don’t have night terrors about editing and it’s all wrapped up in a couple of pages, as opposed to dragging on for thirty chapters. Your creative life feels blissful, fun and carefree. You finally finish your short story and let out a sigh of literary satisfaction. It was quite a story that you created and one which will take a…

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