The Single Best Way To Start A Novel – And 10 Beginnings That Instantly Turn Readers Off

Never do this.

Christopher Kokoski

Writing the opening of your novel is like naming your child – it seems like it should be easier than it is.

Do you start with an explosion, character backstory or description of the setting?

You don’t want to bore the reader to death but you also want to lay the necessary groundwork to avoid confusion.

The Single Best Way To Start Any Novel

In my personal opinion, the first job of any communication is to get attention. Therefore, however you start your novel, It should instantly grab the attention of the reader. The opening of your novel should be interesting.

But you probably already knew that. What is a more specific best way tostart your novel?

The single best way to start a novel depends on the novel and the specific talents of the author.

What the heck does that mean? It means that there are more than one…

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