What Do Writers Dream About? #SundayBlogShare #writers

For me all true but being in the novel. I’d be scared to be a character in my novels.



Here is a list of some writer dreams and nightmares:

Writer Dreams:

  1. Author Fame.This is the standard dream for any writer. In this type of dream you are enjoying the glitz and glamour of your new found literary stardom. Your agent and publishing team are all like BFFs to you, everything is harmonious, you are sipping champagne, whilst lounging in a hot tub and savouring the fact that social media is buzzing about when your book is being turned into a film. You wake from this dream feeling a little bit sweaty and you have a huge smile plastered across your face. The smile evaporates as soon as you realise that it was all a dream and your novel is sadly still a draft…with many months of rewriting and editing needed to turn it into something half decent. Cue your grumpy mood for the rest of the day!
  2. Hot…

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