A Writer’s Wish List

It is clear what is on the Christmas List.

Flynn Gray

A Writer's Wish List

Want to know what the writer in your life really wants? Well, look no further. Admittedly, most of these things may be a little difficult to find in any store, but trust me, this is what every writer ultimately wants:

  1. An endless supply of inspiration and ideas.
  2. The ability to perfectly transcribe those ideas onto paper.
  3. An extensive vocabulary and innate knowledge of all spelling and grammar rules.
  4. A gift for flowing, eloquent prose.
  5. The ability to tap into universal and timeless themes.
  6. A knack for creating complex (yet deceptively simple) plots that enthral readers and keep them turning the pages.
  7. An intuitive knowledge of how to perfectly balance each element of a story – from character, to plot, dialogue, description, etc.
  8. The unerring ability to create realistic and sympathetic characters that readers fall in love with every time.
  9. A unique voice.
  10. Immunity to the distraction of social media, games…

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