10 Signs You Are a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker #bookworm #lovebooks #booklove

Thrills yeah!


Plot Twist Thrill SeekerAre you a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker?

Do you crave the rush of excitement and adrenalin from a good plot twist?

Do you regard yourself as a wild and crazy reader?

Check out the signs below and see whether you are a Plot Twist Thrill Seeker:

  1. You are a literary thrill seeker. Books give you your kicks! When you are not craving plot twists you are doing other crazy stuff like having two books on the go or buying books that are not from your preferred reading genre.
  2. You trawl through book reviews searching for phrases like ‘WOW what a plot twist!’ and ‘OMG I never saw that twist coming!’ Once spotted you hunt down, purchase and read!
  3. Whilst reading a book you can be heard muttering things like ‘come on and twist me baby!’ and ‘I haven’t experienced a good twist in weeks!’ Sigh!
  4. Reading enjoyment for you comes…

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