Summer Solstice/The Silly Poem Series


th (300x164)Aging & Attitude

Summer solstice sillies, something else a new event!
Reminiscent of clam bakes, swimming lessons
Freckles, blistered shoulders
Sharing baby oil among friends.
Scratched up from picking blue berries
White Keds worn on our feet
Baby sitting for twenty-five cents an hour, considered a treat.

Is the Summer Solstice Silly?
Well, we still can have fun.
A vacation, or staycation, not to offend anyone.
The feverish dog days of summer are coming,
Steering wheels burn hands and flip-flops sting feet.

The latest CBS bulletin; we won’t enjoy more sun, but miss the needed sleep.
Not to worry, an on/off button is in the future, and they make covers for hot black leather car seats.

                                    . . . . just saying

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3 responses to “Summer Solstice/The Silly Poem Series

  1. A reblog is flattering, thanks . . . Claudia

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