Lost Love



I was so excited to spend an evening with Alice again. She’s the one person who understood and paid attention to me.

We met at a Kiss concert. As the Demon spat twelve-foot flames into the air, Alice smiled and handed me a joint. I toked, she danced and that’s when I fell in love.

We dated for two years until she came across a good-looking attorney who stole her away. I was crushed, but eventually moved on. I found I had other interests to keep me occupied. I loved food and poured my soul into new cuisines. I traveled to exotic countries and realized I hungered for unusual proteins, such as bison, elk, and rattlesnake.

Before I discovered my passion, I dated a few women, but none were Alice. As my love for cooking increased, so did my waistline. Women no longer were interested in me and I couldn’t care less.


I ran into Alice at the World Market where I had to pick up a few things to spice up my latest culinary delight. She looked older, but just as beautiful. I made small talk and then feigned recognition. “Oh, my God, Alice is that you?”

She tilted her head and squinted. “Yes, do I know you?”

“It’s me, Ken Wallace. I know, I’ve put on weight.”

“Ken, wow, it’s been so long. How are you?” Her smile seemed genuine.

“You look amazing.” My voice shook.

“You too.” She tossed the box of chamomile tea into her cart and hugged me. “It’s so nice to see you. How’ve you been? We should catch up. Would you like to have a drink?”

Is she asking me out? She seems so happy to see me. Maybe she got rid of the lawyer and is into more stocky men? “Sure.”

“O’Reilly’s is down the street. We can go there if you like.” Her blue eyes sparkled. “Maybe you can meet me there around six. Unless.” She tilted her head and bit her lip. “You’re too busy.”

I glanced at my watch, then shook my head. “Nope, I got some time.”

“Great. It’ll be nice.”


I entered O’Reilly’s and found her sitting at a booth waving at me. I slid into the seat across the table and noticed her flaxen hair, azure eyes, and delicious pink lips. I couldn’t help think about how good they would taste,

After three glasses of wine and two hours of catching up, she took my hand. “Ken, I live around the corner. Would you like to come up for a nightcap?”

“I would love to.” I couldn’t believe she might still be interested in me.

She glided across the bench and like a ballarina, lifted herself out of the booth and motioned me to follow.


I watch her fill my glass with wine, and then look around her large loft apartment. It feels a bit sparse. I sip the wine she hands me and think about her lips again. Suddenly I’m feeling odd. The room spins, and waves of consciousness flood in and out. Her voice is muffled, but I can make out bits and pieces. “Are you alright, Ken?”

I try to tell her I feel weird, but can’t talk.

Her lips curl up into a cartoonish smile. “Good, I couldn’t wait to tell you I share your passion for exotic food too, only my taste is a little more unconventional.”

Terror overwhelms me as she raises a butcher knife and slowly rubs it across the steel.

“Now don’t worry, Kenny, you won’t feel a thing. The drug I gave you will make sure you are numb.” She runs her finger along the blade, and I see a tiny drop of crimson trickle from her finger down her wrist. In my haze, her tongue appears serpent-like as she laps up her own blood. “I have to get moving, I have an important dinner party tomorrow and have a lot of preparation to do. You’ll be the guest of honor.”

Her once cute laugh sounds vulgar.

“Wasn’t it just so lucky to run into you today. I just couldn’t decide what to serve and there you were. You look so yummy.”

I watch powerless as she removes my clothing, and from my feet up, begins the delicate butchering.


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