Happy Halloween: Part One Zombies

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

glam zombieThis past summer I have had the pleasure to meet a few local writers in Flagler County, Florida. I’ve known Tim Baker for a few years, he writes thrillers with humor. I met Becky Pourchot at a ribbon cutting, she writes YA about Ghosts, and most recently, I met Armand Rosamilia, who writes mainly about, you guessed it. Zombies. I love cop books, thrillers, books on ghosts, demons, and zombies. I’ve been a horror reader since I fist picked up The Stand, by Stephan King, when I was 16. You will see more about these writers on my blog from time to time. Please read them. Support our local artists.

Zombies. The one thing I noticed recently is the trends that go from year to year. Zombies are like the  latest handbag from Prada, Prada handbagor shoes from Manolo Blahnick.220px-Manolo_Blahnik_on_Whitney_Port_Shankbone_2009_Tribeca this year its all about the Zombie. A few years back, Twilight came out and glamourized Vampires and Werewolves. But today it’s Zombies. Even phone companies are getting in on the Zombie bandwagon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=UILFQlqZlP4.

Honestly, I haven’t been into zombies since the eighties and the Dawn of the Dead, and better yet, the Night of the Living Dead series. (Loved those) “Send more Brains!” But since meeting and knowing about Armand, my curiosity is peeked. I started reading his Flagler Beach Series, but not a single zombie there. So, Now I have to go back to Flagler Beach Gift Shop https://www.facebook.com/FlaglerBeachGiftShop and pick up his Zombie series. Michelle Brown, owner of Flagler Beach Gift shop sells books from all three of the local writers. Drop by her shop behind Finns, on 100 and A1A. She has lots of other cool stuff too.

Oh, yes Zombies. that’s what I was talking about. Books and movies are all the rage now glorifying the zombie craze. Being a big Halloween person, I can’t think of anything better than a brain-eating, corroding, gory dead body rising from the grave, covered in dead flesh, puss, and rotted body parts, to celebrate the one giant holiday that isn’t even an official holiday. I think it should be. Americans spend almost as much on Halloween decorations than on Christmas. There are stores who only sell Halloween horror for less than two months in the year. They make more money then shops open all year round. So thank you goblins, ghosts, ghouls and of course, the beloved Zombie, for scaring and creeping us all out and making for a wonderful chilling October spirit.






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