Inspired Mic October 2013

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Well, Christine Spano owner of and Mike King of have done it again. Another successful night for Inspired Mic at The BeachHouse Beanery . The wind did not stop this bunch of writers.

The night started out with

Deb Wells, followed by Robin Coles, Shannon Teper, her mother, Lorraine Rhul, Gi Arena, Johnathon Raney, Tovah Janovsky, Jim Harter, Also, Jeff Fisher,) owner of the Beanery,) Jimmy Millhollin, Kevin Cox, Rother Boswell, Becky Pourcho, ( who came fully dressed as a mermaid,) Cyndi Rose, Mel Melvin, and non other than Heidi Tassone.

Since two of the writers could not make the event, alternates  Joe O’Hearn and Tameka McDonald took the stage. To top off the evening, Christine Spano herself read a very touching piece dedicated to her husband, Angelo.

If you missed last night’s event, be sure to join us next time where The Holidays will be the theme. Next Month Tuesday November 19th, also at The BeachHouse Beanery.




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3 responses to “Inspired Mic October 2013

  1. Sorry I missed it…but it’s the Red Sox in the playoffs!!!

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