Is That Word Really Necessary?

Tim Baker, Living the Dream


My first novel, Living the Dream,Living the Dream is currently in production to become an audio book. (Personally, I didn’t think there was much demand for audio books anymore, but when I saw the success Backseat to Justice had I decided to have the rest of my books done.)

Anyway – this morning I received the first 15 minutes of the book for approval. I was very pleased with the reading; the narrator has a great grasp of the voice in which I wrote the book (a sign that my writing accomplished its purpose!).

It’s been five years since I last worked on Living the Dream and, although I know it forward and backward, something still caught me somewhat off-guard as I listened. It wasn’t in the narration, it was a particular word choice in my writing – and when I heard it, I grimaced a little.

Before I divulge the…

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