In Their Blood, by Sharon Potts



Murder Mystery Novel

In Their Blood



In Their Blood starts with a rapid blow, when a teenager, Elise sneaks out to see her boyfriend, only to return later and find her parents slaughtered in their own bed. Rest assured, the rest of the novel continues the pace and does not disappoint the reader from beginning to end.

Jeremy Stroeb returns home from Europe to face the death of his parents and taking care of his younger sister. Being a carefree spirit, who doesn’t like responsibility, he now finds huge responsibility thrust upon him. He digs deep within himself to figure out who did this to his family and why. Who was the target, his controversal professor father, or his sweet accountant mother? What could either of them have done to meet with such a horrific death?

In Their Blood, is a journey of a young man who not only needs to find the truth about his parents, but to understand himself, and come to terms with reality. He has to uncover the truth of who his parents truly were, before he can find out why they were murdered.


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