Shadow Cay, by Leona Bodie

Florida Keys - Sunset

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Shadow Cay

Shadow Cay

How far will Madeline Nesbitt go to seek revenge on the man who had her family killed?

How far will Peter Dunkin go to take down the company he works for to save hundreds of lives?

In Shadow Cay, two strong-willed people show what they’re made of for very different reasons. Madeline endures many monstrosities to avenge the death of her parents and the taking of her innocence. Simply killing her nemesis is far too good for him. No, she needs to hit him where it hurts, his money and his power. Can one woman take down one of the largest and most dangerous drug lords of the decade?

Peter Dunkin, discovers a defection in a pace maker the company he works for manufactures. As he voices his concerns, he finds himself in deeper trouble than he realizes. His boss, a self-absorbed ego maniac, will stop at nothing to keep Peter quiet. Can David once again defeat Goliath? Read Shadow Cay and find out.

Shadow Cay is a thriller set in the luxurious locations of the Bahamas, Miami and the Florida Keys. Tropical paradise, but deception, corruption, and murder lie behind the magnificent façade.


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