Kiss and Tell


Kristin Harmel

I have just finished reading The Art of French Kissing, by Kristin Harmel. I must say it was one of the most fun reads since Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum character. Harmel’s Emma Sullivan is a delight.

Emma reaches the point where she questions the direction her life is heading. Pushing thirty, her fiancé kicks her out right before their wedding,  she loses her job as publicist to a boy band, and to make matters worse, she is still living in Orlando, a town she never really cared for.

Emma turns to her friend Poppy, who invites her to Paris and offers her a temporary  job as publicist to an up and coming French rock star, who is either completely crazy, or out to ruin his career before it even gets started. 

The Art of French Kissing is a hilarious journey of one woman trying to find herself. Emma discovers her strength and weaknesses along the way.  In a whirlwind of  handsome french men and French kisses, she may even find love. If you love Chick Lit, or haven’t read any in some time, pick this one up.

Heidi Tassone


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