Behind Green Eyes

Behind Green Eyes is a paranormal mystery filled with suspense,  a psychotic serial killer, and even a blossoming romance.

Imagine feeling the blade in your hand rip through human flesh and having no power or knowledge of what is happening to you.

Lisa Marie Martin, a soft-spoken, New York romance novelist experiences uncontrollable spells in which she witnesses the murders of young women being butchered .  In order to stop the nightmares, Lisa must seek out her biological mother, Sheila Parks, now living in Florida.

When Lisa meets Sheila, she unravels family secrets which include a mentally challenged brother and a twin sister she never knew existed. Trying to help uncover The Jax Beach Butcher, Lisa finds herself falling for Detective Mike Ryan. This romance draws the murderer even closer to her and transports our heroine right into the path of a vicious serial killer.


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  1. Oh, you know I love this one. Very intriguing and reading it causes me to spend hours contemplating the possible causes of all this mayhem. You’ve got a marvelous imagination and way with words. This one is a winner, Heidi. Keep ’em rolling.


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